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Miriam Musonda-salati


Born Mirriam Deborah Precious Kangwa Musonda-Salati, affectionately known as "Mimmie," is a visionary leader in the fashion industry, a committed philanthropist, and a dedicated minister. As the firstborn in her family and married to a pastor, her life's journey is marked by creativity, spirituality, and a profound commitment to philanthropy.

Early Life and Inspirations

Mimmie's narrative begins with a childhood nurtured by a deep sense of purpose. Growing up, she discovered her love for writing and design, skills that would later become pivotal in shaping her professional endeavors. Much of her drive and ambition can be attributed to her father—a successful businessman, Director, Chairman of Cavendish University, and part owner of KMS Investment Group. His relentless pursuit of knowledge and hard work have inspired Mimmie to strive for excellence in both her academic and professional pursuits.

Educational and Career Background

  • Education
    • Middlesex University Hendon Campus
      BSC Hons in Criminology & Psychology
  • Professional Career
    • BGSM Boutique - Owner
    • Mirriam serves as the owner of BGSM Boutique, a renowned fashion destination in Zambia offering a curated selection of high-quality fashion and beauty products.
    • Website:
    • ZBIL Charity Organization - CEO
    • As the CEO of ZBIL, a prominent charity organization, Mirriam honed her entrepreneurial skills while demonstrating her commitment to philanthropy, providing aid and support to vulnerable communities.
    • BGSM Boutique U.K. - Founder & CEO
    • Mirriam is the Founder & CEO of U.K.-based BGSM Boutique, an online e-commerce platform renowned for its comprehensive collection of fashion and beauty products.

Authorship and Literary Works

Mirriam is a prolific author with a diverse range of publications that reflect her deep spirituality, personal development insights, and creative prowess. Her literary contributions include:

  • Personal Development and Faith-Based Books:
    • Unlocking Your Vision
    • Identifying Your Purpose
    • Created for a Purpose
  • Romance Novels
    • Numerous titles showcasing her ability to weave captivating love stories.
  • Poetry and Meditation Books
    • Reflecting her poetic flair and spiritual depth.

Fashion and Entertainment

Mirriam's enthusiasm for fashion is exhibited in her career as a model and fashion designer. She has modeled in countless print campaigns and starred in the music video for MP’s “No Dull Yourself.” Mirriam has also worked directly with events such as The Miss Zambia U.K. Beauty Pageant, the Cancer Research Charity Fashion Show, and the Children’s Charity Fashion Show.

BGSM Boutique Product Line

The extensive line offered by BGSM Boutique includes footwear, dresses, boots, blouses, shirts, vests, leggings, jackets, coats, earrings, necklaces, watches, rings, eye-liner, eye shadow, mascara, nail polish, and lipstick.

Philanthropic Ventures

Mirriam's transformative journey took a pivotal turn when she recognized her calling to impact the lives of vulnerable children. Fueled by deep compassion, she established the "Mimmie Foundation," a haven for orphaned and homeless children. Her philanthropic efforts extend beyond traditional charity, reflecting a commitment to creating a nurturing environment for those in need.

Ministry and Spiritual Calling

In 2023, Mirriam's spiritual journey led her to become ordained as a minister, further emphasizing her commitment to spreading love, hope, and kindness.

Personal Interests and Hobbies

Outside of her career, Mirriam enjoys poetry (both reading and writing), Science & Geo, sports, shopping, and traveling. She also continues to study the latest psychological and criminological principles and practices, with the goal of ultimately helping to improve our society through the development of new theories and findings.


For more information about Mirriam Musonda-Salati and her work, please visit her personal website:

Explore her boutique at:


Mirriam Deborah Precious Kangwa Musonda-Salati, or "Mimmie," is a beacon of creativity, compassion, and purpose-driven living. Through her roles as a writer, minister, graphic designer, business owner, and philanthropist, Mirriam continues to inspire and uplift others with her transformative power of compassion, creativity, and purpose-driven living.